Q4 2021

Whitelist events and competitions completed
Complete card UI prior to Mint completed
Whitepaper/Litepaper v1 completion completed
Website version 1 released completed
Prepare minting for ‘fair launch’ to avoid bots as much as possible completed
Mint Season 1 of Crypto Defenders completed
Get verified on CNFT.io completed
Scaling up 1x Artist, 1x Programmer, 2x community moderators completed
Begin work on NFT Marketplace, backend, leaderboards, and wallet integration completed
Complete Mechanics and battle algorithms completed
Art development and release of land ownership (in progress)
Preparation for Synergy Collection (in progress)
More Crypto Defenders events
CNFT Project collaborations (in progress)
Floor-bot and recently-sold bot (in progress)
Get verified on other marketplaces (artifct, exnft, etc.) (in progress)
Website v2 release. (in progress)
Begin community, news, and art updates. completed
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