What is land ownership

After successfully winning a battle, and if the community chest has available land supply, you will automatically roll in a lottery system draw. If successful, you will be able to purchase one of the land territory NFTs only if you have the amount necessary of Defenders Coins. The purchase price will be quite high, so to guarantee you have enough to grab one if you get lucky, you would be wise to purchase Defender Coins in advance! The perks of land will definitely outweigh the price, and the rarity will most likely mean that it will always be worth buying. If you cannot afford it, you will unfortunately be notified that you do not have enough funds and the land will return to the community chest.
If you do not have the required amount or choose not to purchase, the land will go back into the lottery system. These land NFTs will provide substantial perks to you and your team. One of the perks of land ownership will be specific NFTs that will be airdropped weekly to some lucky landowners. Another benefit of land ownership will be the reward multiplier for battle participation. Land will be extremely limited and divided into Rare and Legendary.