How do battles occur

Battles in the Defenders universe occur through two main systems: Main world map and the side-chain. Battles automatically occur on any adjacent team tile, but without adequate garrison of troops, it will lose to the neutral or enemy forces.
Each team: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano - has their home base which cannot be conquered. Adjacent tiles can be fought for and depend on battle calculations that weigh the attack power, defense, luck and stat multipliers of both the attackers and defenders.
You are able to own NFTs from the three different teams, and by that aspect you can technically choose to defend and fight for any of the zones on the map, but you can only place Bitcoin Team defenders on Bitcoin battle zones, etc. This incorporates a strategy where some members can buy opposing team defenders and stake them to remove them from the game and thereby putting the enemy team at a disadvantage! Don't wait, get your team defenders ASAP.