Game Overview

Crypto Defenders represents the fight for economic freedom and against injustice around the world. Freedom from the old financial system. Freedom for a fair and transparent system that is based on precise algorithms, and not human corruption. On top of providing a game to battle it out between blockchains and earn tokens, the project will focus on creating static pages using IPFS about controversial topics like CBDCs, the World Economic Forum, Uyghur Muslims, remittance companies and their fees, and much more. The point is to raise awareness about economic and civil freedom, while improving the ability to preserve controversial knowledge and information. All while leveling up your NFTs and having fun conquering territories.
How to participate in the Game
When the game is open to the public, to play, you must own a Crypto Defender NFT. To acquire one, you will need to mint it on our website or purchase one on a secondary market. Once you buy it and the NFT is in your wallet (it cannot be on an exchange wallet), you will be able to connect the wallet on our website (with the dApp connector). After you have done everything above, you will see your NFT’s in your inventory, and also in the game app which means you can start conquering and defending territories to earn rewards.
How to Mint
Currently the Defenders Project is Minting Season 1 - the address for the minting is both in the discord channel under #how-to-mint and as a pinned message on Twitter. You can also buy via the nft-maker third party app, when going to and clicking on the MINT button.
The best wallet we have tested with is the Nami wallet, CCVault, and Yoroi. This will change when Emurgo/IOHK release a callable api update for Yoroi/Daedalus. (updated March 2022)
How to connect your NFTs to the APP for staking and gameplay
How the Game works
The game will have the 3 main teams competing to dominate the map with their territories. Each territory will have buildings that will be built if you control the territory for a long enough time. If you own any Builder NFTs you will be able to add them as engineers to speed up buildings. Every time you win or lose battles you will receive rewards in the form of EXP to your NFT cards, chances of winning NFT airdrops, increasing your leaderboard stats, and X amount of the Defenders Token!
Your NFTs are your troops in the blockchain battles. Version 1 of the game is being built with 3 blockchains as the main factions: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano. Each NFT has encoded metadata for the team they represent. Each Team can have different projects under them; such as Cardano may have Yoroi, Daedalus, and Meld project representation. Future seasons will bring new projects, so you'll never see projects repeat. Each NFT will also have a built in win, loss and experience point attributes that will follow the NFT even once sold!
NFT Staking to gain EXP and rewards, currently v1 is live on the app: and you can get a head start on everyone else by staking your CNFTs!
NFT Crafting to upgrade your NFTs, and NFT Renting to make extra cash are some fun things we will be implementing for the Defenders Project. Crafting will require you to burn two common to upgrade to an uncommon - meaning that there is an even deeper layer to rarity in the project, so patient Hodlers can expect to be rewarded well.
Please join us on Discord, where most of the important links and information will be shared to the community. We look forward to defending the territories of Bitopia with all of you!
- Defenders Project