NFT Exp Mechanics

The Cardano blockchain provides a unique opportunity to take advantage of as metadata can be attached to each transaction/minting and be built into the NFT. Crypto Defenders aims to use this mechanism to introduce nft level up mechanics. Each NFT upon minting starts at 0 EXP, 0 Wins and 0 losses. These stats can be increased through participation in battles and stored on our servers. A certain amount of NFT card experience will be required to allow Crafting, giving a higher value attached to nfts that are actively being used. You can track the NFTs stats through our leaderboards. NFT staking will also provide reward bonuses to cards that have attained specific experience levels prior to staking. Metadata will merge and be displayed on new crafted nfts as well. This metadata will also be used for specific giveaways, airdrops, and community leaderboards.