Defenders Project

What is crypto defenders?

Crypto Defenders represents the fight for economic freedom and against injustice around the world. Freedom from the old financial system. Freedom for a fair and transparent system that is based on precise algorithms, and not human corruption. On top of providing a game to battle it out between blockchains and earn tokens, the project will focus on creating static pages using IPFS about controversial topics like CBDCs, the World Economic Forum, Uyghur Muslims, remittance companies and their fees, and much more. The point is to raise awareness about economic and civil freedom, while improving the ability to preserve controversial knowledge and information. All while leveling up your NFT's and conquering territories!
Crypto Defenders, is a play to earn CNFT project working on creating a community-driven conquest game on Cardano. A blend of Settlers of Catan, Risk: the boardgame, and Civilization with the units in the game being NFTs that can be purchased, used, or sold. The game is based on a conquest system, where multiple teams will fight each other to assume control over territories and defend those territories already conquered. It will have a robust ecosystem, multiple ways of earning such as in-game battle rewards, airdrops, crafting, staking, and leveling up your NFTs to sell for a higher price. Furthermore, the reward system mentioned will award the players with Defenders tokens that will be usable in-game for a multitude of different things and will be tradeable for ADA.